The best time to start for CLAT and the other leading law exams is immediately after Grade 10th or sometime early on in Grade 11. ESCORT Career Academy Span is designed to go at a gradual pace over a span of 18 to 20 months. ESCORT Career Academy span students do not feel the pressure of preparing for both the board exam and the Law entrance exams in Grade 12. The program is designed to take care of the requirement of every major Law entrance exam in the country. Start preparing for your dream LAW school entrance now.

ESCORT Career Academy Plus, our popular classroom program, offers students a thorough and exhaustive preparation for CLAT and other major law exams. We provide the students not only classroom training and extensive study material (knowledge-based as well as current affairs-based) but also comprehensive classroom, online and take home exercises and tests for a period of 1 year. The program is specially designed for students of Class XII and helps them strike a balance between their law entrance exam preparation and school syllabus. Broadly, ESCORT Career Academy Plus has two components; first, the classroom training, support and second, the entire ESCORT Career Academy Beacon, which includes postal material and online support.

ESCORT Career Academy Express, an intensive crash course, classroom program offered to students preparing for CLAT and other law school entrance exams, comes at a very strategic time, i.e. right after the Board examinations in the month of April but just before the CLAT paper. The program is ideal for those who have just decided 4 to 6 weeks before CLAT. The students could be either the Grade 12 students who have just appeared for the boards (or) Students in the 1st year or 2nd year of graduation who would love to get into the Top NLUs. This program is a combination of intensive classroom training, full length mock tests and doubt clearing and counseling sessions, all aimed at providing an effective preparation to students standing at this crucial juncture.

Silent Features ?

■ Highest Success Rate (More than 70%)
■ Shortcuts & Tricks
■ Excellent Faculty
■ Exam Oriented Coaching
■ Special Trigonometry & Geometry Classes
■ Small Batch Size
■ Personal Attention
■ Unlimited Doubt Sessions
■ Regular Exam Updates
■ Full Course Coverage
■ Performance Tracking

■ Highest Success Rate (More than 70%)■ Shortcuts & Tricks
■ Excellent Faculty■ Exam Oriented Coaching
■ Special Trigonometry & Geometry Classes■ Small Batch Size
■ Personal Attention■ Regular Exam Updates
■ Full Course Coverage■ Performance Tracking