Our  Vision

"How we look at the world of learning. That’s what gives us our unique viewpoint."
Our vision, at Escort Career Academy, is to reach the pinnacle in the domain of test preparation, helping candidates hone their skills in a competitive world by helping them learn through pedagogy that suits their customised requirements. In the process, we aspire to become a world-class centre for learning and innovation, driven by an acute understanding of social sensitivity and state-of-the-art technology.

Our Mission

"Our mission is not just to impart knowledge.But to connect to those who receive it."
A student evolves at every stage of education. And as a centre of learning, at Escort Career Academy, it is our mission to participate in various spheres of the process, playing a pivotal role in the growth and evolution of a student. We endeavour to connect with every participant through the development and usage of efficient tools for better delivery, connectivity and absorption of content by application of modern technology.

Why Us

At ESCORT, only education matters. Education is not only the means to success but also an end in itself. It is the only path to continuous growth and development. In order to make this journey truly successful, genuine endeavours are required on the part of both the student and the mentor. These endeavours achieve desired results when there is complete harmony between the student and the mentor, as regards all aspects that comprise learning.

However, students differ from one another in terms of their learning potential and have different learning curves. Herein the role of a mentor assumes critical importance; the efficacy of the learning delivered depends on his ability to understand the special requirements of each and every student. If the mentor is able to fine tune the learning process as per these requirements then learning assumes a different dimension altogether. Thus, creating an experience which is truly enriching for both the student and the mentor.